Meaning And Purpose (MAP) is the Science Of Success (SOS) is a Concept with two branches of the same tree – that of LOGOS – the pillars of Freedom and Responsibility


  • One branch is that of the philosophy of Meaning and Purpose in life which has been a part of humanity since time began. Realizing Meaning in Life makes us aware of our Purpose.
  • The other is the branch of biological, psychological, sociological, economical, and political Science – which has been researched, studied and discussed widely by all the great scientific and philosophical thinkers of our times – there is deep and wide evidence to show that living a life of meaning and purpose is the only way to our highest potential of mental and emotional well-being.

Therefore, the process of discovering Meaning and Purpose in your life is the Science of Success.

  • You can achieve your highest potential
  • Take responsibility for yourself and your life
  • Make a change – a small change - and see your life bare the fruits of success

This is a process that begins with attitudinal change. It takes courage and willingness to take responsibility to face your fears and transmute them to strengths that bring you a sense of meaning and the knowledge that you have a purpose in life